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Higher Synthesis unites all three projects covering my work as a pediatric neurologist and neuroscientist, researcher, and public intellectual with a deep commitment to regenerating our planet's health and intelligence.

Higher Synthesis Health, my small private clinical practice, aims to move from fragmented healthcare to synthesis, and to engage in collaborative practice-based, treatment-guided research.

Higher Synthesis Works houses my writing, speaking, publication and other activities, with the aim of showing that higher synthesis indeed works.


In order to fulfill its mission, the  Higher Synthesis Foundation will document and analyze transformational successes achieved through regenerative bio-cultural practices — i.e., emergent health, food and ecological practices that are restoring the robustness and integrity of damaged biological systems.  Often either consciously or implicitly systems-based, these methods and practices are

  • producing recoveries of function and remissions from complex supposedly incurable health problems like autism, autoimmune disease, brain injury and cancer;
  • greatly improving food quality; and
  • restoring biodiversity and stability in ecosystems.

There appear to be common conceptual and process threads across these practices, which are often generated locally, indigenously, through networks, and/or in a community-based participatory fashion.  These approaches to complex health and environmental challenges are helping parts of our planet and some of its inhabitants to get better even while many other things get worse.

By using science to identify the models, skills, assessments and sensibilities contributing to these successes, the Higher Synthesis Foundation aims to leverage transformation to help upgrade our approaches to critical problems.